6 facts about the godfather and godmother that you should know for your quinceañera celebration

One Quinceanera tradition that has been around for years is asking someone to be your godmother and/or godmother.When asked to be the godmother or godmother of the birthday girl’s , they become his mentor and role model  for the rest of her life – so the choice is very important.

Let’s learn a little more about godmother and godmother.

1.- Parents Should Help Choose

While many parents  want to automatically choose their friends  who can help pay for the event, the people you choose should also be meaningful to the birthday girld. They will be his mentors for the rest of his life, so they should be people he knows well, loves, trusts and who love him. They must be responsible, reliable and caring.

2.-  They are not obligated to pay for your party

Your quince godparents are not sponsors, they are like another set of parents who love and support you unconditionally. Asking  for money at a party is in terrible taste and  should never be done.

3.- They Don’t Have To Be A Couple

Although the married couple of padrino and godmother is usually chosen, most churches these days  are flexible and allow unmarried madrina and padrino to gather in honor of the birthday girl. However, it is wise to check with the church first to be sure.

4.- They are entitled to have an opinion when it comes to your Quince

Just as  parents have a say in everything fifth-year related, godfathers and godmothers should have the same rights to have their say—especially if they’re paying for the item in question, like the dress or cake.

5.- They Help Pay For The Event

Again, they are not sponsors, but if they offer  help at their Quince, that is completely different and  can certainly be arranged.

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