Tips for choosing the perfect quinceanera dress

Choosing a quinceañera dress is not an easy task. This celebration is a very special event that marks the transition from childhood to adolescence. It’s a glamorous social event attended by family and friends, so it’s important to start preparing early. The most important choice is the dress.

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect quinceanera dress.

1.- Select the designs that you like the most

You should start by looking at many designs that are in fashion. You can buy magazines, attend pageants and quinceañeras and, of course, use the Internet to easily find dresses that catch your eye. Pay attention to the details you like and save the photos on your computer or mobile.

Programa y canciones para coreografía de baile y vals en tus 15 Años.

2 – How will your party be?

ne aspect to consider from the beginning is to imagine what the party will be like. You can choose a classic party or choose a modern theme party that will be etched forever in the memory of all your guests. Today, the options are endless.

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3 – Choose the dress according to your body

We know that choosing the perfect 15-year-old dress is not an easy task, because each woman has her own body and figure, it is essential that you know your body well. We all have flaws and virtues in our body, but we can all be elegant and look feminine, there are always tricks to hide these “little problems” and highlight the most beautiful parts of your body.

If you think you’re short .-  It is better to use one color for your dress, it lengthens your figure than to bet on a dress with many shades.

If you think your hips are a bit wide.- Wearing skirts that do not have gathers at the waist, the fall must be in the shape of an A and smooth, this is a good option.

Vestidos de XV años, según tu tipo de cuerpo | Tú en línea

4- What color of dress to use according to your skin? 

For the dress to stand out on the body, you should avoid colors similar to your skin tone, contrasting tones always flatter your figure. The most important color is the color closest to the skin, that is, at the neckline and at the end of the skirt if it is a miniskirt.

Fair Skin.- Choose dark and saturated colors.

Morena.- Intermediate colors look very good on you, that is, pure colors and also very light colors.

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